Dear readers,

We are now in the Christmas season. A season of giving and showing love and support to one another during this season.

As a writer and blogger, I have decided to come up with amazing different set of articles that will cheer you on this Christmas.

Just like in movies, there are available Christmas movies. We shall be showcasing amazing Christmas stories; in additional with special additional gifts.

Christmas is a season in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God who came to redeem all mankind and call them to himself. It reminds us of important values such as traditions, love, generosity and faith.

Stay tuned this month for many surprises.

First Christmas stories will commence on 11th December , 2021.

Cheers and enjoy your Christmas Season.



It was on 20th November 2021,

We arrived at our pickup location at the peep of the day at the International life house building. Yet again, I was anxious in a positive way that we would enjoy the day today at Camp…

Dear readers,

I am sorry for the silence. I shall resume with wonderful upcoming writing projects on 1st December 2021 or earlier very soon.

Stay safe and be blessed.



A few months had passed since Tamia’s passing, Kani relocated close to her parent’s home with Jason. She saw professional therapy and almost completed her sessions. On the other hand, Jason was bespoken to a child therapist to help him deal with the loss of his parents…


Kani woke up at dawn to prepare. More so, she wanted time to reflect on her life in general. She rarely had time for herself; since she made sure Jason was well fed and rested enough.

Kani: Oh! Tamia, how will I raise a young boy if I have…


Kani: I can see that you and Sarah seem close these days.

Tim: We are good friends, that’s all.

Kani: That’s good for you. I am happy that she is finally getting her life back together slowly and slowly.

Tim: Can we talk about this another time, please? For…


On 17th October 2021

I woke up at around 3.45 a.m. as I made ready to begin my journey. At first, I was anxious about the whole experience since I proceeded on a nature trail with strangers. I booked a seat at Hooli Tours and Travels Agency for the…


Dear readers,

This is to inform I am taking a step back on catching my breath for like the next three weeks. Sometimes, it is necessary to do so, in order to revamp my energy and come up with fun and great ideas for my blog.

I appreciate the far I have overcome; including the support I have actually gained from all of you. Your reviews and support mean so much to me.

See you then, in the next three weeks with more writing ideas and fun surprises in- store. Cheers.

Quote of the day- ‘ The best therapy today is taking a break from routine.’

Happy Utamaduni day!

Yours Sincerely,

Sylvia Nduku.



Kani arrived at the hospital within a short period. She paid the cab driver and ambled towards the entrance and straight towards the receptionist, an outgoing lady.

Kani: Good afternoon.

Receptionist: Good afternoon, Welcome to Meridian Hill Hospital. How can we assist you today?

Kani: Well, I received…


Sarah woke up on the sunrise at 6.30 am and decided to brew herself some hot coffee. She turned on the radio and streamed her favorite song: ‘How deep is your love’ cover version of Bee Gees. Her favorite part of the song –

¶I believe in…

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