Continuation of last week’s series……

Peter prepared the breakfast swiftly yet carefully done as he had always done. In a way, he found pleasure with cooking and more of trying out new recipes, besides his fiancée wasn’t much of a fan in the kitchen which he took pleasure being in charge of. He discovered this pleasure since he was a teenager in a family of two small sisters and being the firstborn; Peter developed the skill and interest in cooking since his mother was at most times busy and away to work. Being the firstborn he was, he had to take care of his siblings back then. At first, it began as a duty, then later it developed into more of a hobby that he does once in a while aside from watching football matches and hanging out with his guys. Sarah had no problem with his fiancée taking charge in the kitchen, in fact, she loved him more and instead let him take control if he wanted.

The breakfast was ready and Sarah assisted her fiancée to take the slices of bacon in the dining room. At this moment, she had already calmed down and more relaxed. Most importantly, she was now willing to talk and express her views in regards to what the phone call was about.

The couple sat down to eat as they are enjoying the taste of the delicious slices of bacon, Peter begins to murmur;

Peter: How are the slices of bacon so far?

Sarah: They are so delicious as always. I can say babe; you are really becoming better each day as it passes when it comes to cooking.

Peter was pleased by her girlfriend’s response; he was now happy that she reclaimed her good spirits. Hence, he decided to go straight to the point.

Peter: Now that you are in good spirits, perhaps you would tell me what the earlier phone call was about that made you react in the way you did?

He paused waiting for her girlfriend’s response, it was a long shot, and hoped this time she would actually say something in detail. Meanwhile, Sarah paused a bit waiting for the food she swallowed to digest slowly as she was ingesting on what her boyfriend’s question.

Sarah: The phone call was from my sister Tiffany. She called to inform me that she was a few weeks pregnant with her long-term boyfriend. Plus, she wanted me to escort her to the next ultrasound check-up since her boyfriend won’t be around.

Peter: Oh I see! First of all, congratulations to your sister. I think that’s good news but it doesn’t explain the reason why you were crying.

Sarah started to fidgeting again. It was her mechanism whenever she was nervous about something.

Sarah: Well, the truth is that I was jealous of my sister. You know, like in my head I was thinking she has definitely won.

Peter: What do you mean by that if I may ask?

Sarah: Like she has everything any lady would want. A successful career, a wonderful boyfriend, and now will have a wonderful baby very soon. Not that I am complaining, since I also have a wonderful job and a wonderful person like you as my boyfriend. She paused for a moment. However, I still want to have a baby you know. It’s something every woman would have.

Tears started flowing down her cheeks and Peter just held her hands gently as he was patiently listening to her. He was always a good listener; it was also another quality that Sarah loved about him.

Sarah: Sometimes I wake up feeling as though I am less of a woman. I mean if I can’t give you a child. What’s my purpose than as your girlfriend and as a woman? It hurts so much. I don’t know how to be strong and more importantly show support to my sister, when I am actually dying of jealousy.

Peter: first of all, you are worth much more than you can imagine. Secondly, this is something temporary and I am with you every step of the way. We roll with the punches as they come, darling. Finally, maybe you should talk to your sister about this you never know until you try.

At this time, Sarah calmed down and hugged her boyfriend for his advice.

Sarah: yeah, maybe you are right. I will try and talk to her about my feelings. Thanks so much again my love for the support.

Peter: He smiled, being pleased with her response. Anytime, my love, you are welcome.Now I believe it’s your turn to wash the dishes.

He said while handing her the cutlery used. Sarah smiled and went straight to the kitchen pleased by the conversation they just had. Perhaps, she should tell a female friend about it. There was no one better than her sister.

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